Ainsley Warner

Wild Fibres was founded by Ainsley Warner, a fibre artist and jewelry designer from Australia, who lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Ainsley's range of coil woven earrings are hand crafted with a combination of fibres including naturally-dyed raffia, cotton, wool blends and other interesting fibres she comes across. Her range of beaded earrings are also handmade using high quality Japanese Miyuki glass beads and 12ct rose gold wires.

Ainsley's current experience of living in Oaxaca, provides her with endless creative inspiration. She is surrounded by colour, culture, art and an incredible creative community. During her time living in Oaxaca, Ainsley has been exploring the world of natural dyes, different forms of weaving techniques as well as traditional embroidery and bead looming. Her current studio is located at Miku Meko Atelier in Oaxaca Centro where she produces her earring range that can be found both in Oaxaca as well as various locations in Sydney Australia including the Australian Design Centre's Object Shop.

Ainsley will be curating cultural arts experiences in Oaxaca in 2020, helping to bridge the gap between those of you interested in learning the deep traditional art practices of Oaxaca, and the incredible local artisans who are willing to share their knowledge, skills and culture.  Join the mailing list to keep in the loop.